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Commercial gyms are good, but we’re different.

One aspect of our gym that I think sets us apart from the rest is the social interaction.

I have trained at a lot of gyms and every single one has a small group of meatheads (I say that in a good way) that know each other and the rest put headphones on, avoid eye contact and only ever mutter ‘are you still using that?’.

I know there will be people who say “oh it’s me time” or they’re in “the zone” but there is always going to be time to be friendly and have a light conversation.

I have seen so many friendships start in the gym, especially since we opened our facility. It’s a cliche thing to say but it’s as if we are a team or a sporting club. People now come in to see their friends as well as making some serious gains.

If you want to stop going in circles and make some new friends, feel free to swing by and give our gym a try, I promise you will never go back to a commercial gym 👍🏽

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