Does your training reflect your goals?

Does your training reflect your goals? 

Everyone has a broad goal,
“I want to get bigger”,
“I want to be stronger”,
“I want to lose fat”. 

What is often missing is a structured plan that actually leads towards your individual goal. So I thought I would put together some simple rules to follow for each of the above goals over the next few days, starting with “I want to get bigger”. 

Increasing size: 
Rule 1: Be in a calorie surplus; This means putting more energy into your body (in the form of food) than you are spending through exercise and daily metabolic needs. It is important to not go too far over though, if you wish to stay looking lean. 
Rule 2: Get your macronutrient breakdown right; Do not go overboard with carbohydrates. Studies have shown that by keeping your carbohydrates at a maintenance level whilst increasing protein intake can keep body fat percentages constant whilst building muscle. 
Rule 3: EAT YOUR VEGETABLES; The micronutrients provided by vegetables and fruit are absolutely essential for the pathways leading to muscle growth. 
Rule 4: Make compound movements the main component of your workout; These include the squat, deadlift and bench press. Compound exercises require several muscle groups and ensure you are activating your fast glycolytic fibres, the largest muscle fibres in your body. 
Rule 5: Test yourself; If you are lifting the same weight you were last week then your muscles have no reason to adapt. This is why its often good to have a training partner that can assist you in lifting greater weight in a safe manor. 
Rule 6: sleep; yes sleep. Your body needs decent rest to ensure your hormones such as cortisol are regulated efficiently, a large percentage of muscle growth also occurs whilst you sleep. 

Following basic rules such as the ones above will go a long way to ensuring you make substantial fitness gains in the short and long term. If you are having trouble setting an appropriate meal plan or training routine, be sure to check out our website where you will find great deals on plans and supplements that can help you reach your goals.

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